Friday, December 30, 2011

Product Manager - version 2.0 @ Scrum India Dec 2011

The Scrum India Dec 2011 NCR meetup at Xebia, offered me a perfect opportunity to rant about my expectations from today's Product Managers in the agile world today, as we go about our daily (product development) chores. This post was takeoff from my earlier post sometime back on bringing the business dashboard closer to the workforce on the ground and linking the agile world with the overall business objectives. Feel free to comment on my digs and leave your feedback in the comments.

Ofcourse my presentation was in the Pecha Kucha style (my first one) and think i did ok :-),but you can watch my presentation video recording at the WizIQ channel.

Overall it was interesting to hear Amit Somani (MakeMyTrip) and their struggles to get the product managers, with some controversial points by Rajat Bhalla (Vinsol). You can watch all the video recordings at the WizIQ channel (video recording sponsors).

Product Manager - version 2.0 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Agile Balanced Scorecard at Agile Tour India 2011, Pune

As part of the Scrum Alliance, Agile Tour India, Pune conducted a track on Agile Enterprise and my session on "Balanced Scorecard for the Agile Enterprise" was selected. The session focused on how Balanced Scorecard has traditionally been used across multiple industries for managing the organization performance towards the achievement of it's strategic goals. This session introduced key performance indicators for a Balanced Scorecard in an Agile context, which could lead to similar strategic focus and organizational alignment and how to capture the typical agile metrics in the overall Balanced scorecard for software projects. The session was extremely well received by the enthusiastic audience of 100+ attendees, comprising CXO's, senior managers and development community.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 Steps to winning Agile wars

Sharing my presentation at the Agile NCR 2011, talking about the 7 step framework for introducing bottoms up agility in your organization. Watch out for details in my next blog posts.

How did you win your wars ? leave a comment...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Speaking at Agile NCR 2011

Delighted as I will be speaking in the Agile NCR 2011 conference, can catch my talk on 25th Feb 2011 (4:00PM)....

I will be speaking - 7 steps to winning Agile wars ...

any thoughts on this? Shoot me an email and I will try my best to answer in my talk. wish me luck !